Choudhary Netram Bijarnia

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Leader of Shekawati farmers movement & founder of village 'Netrampura', Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

Choudhary Netram Bijarnia was a famous Jat philanthropist from Rajasthan. He was a big landlord & owned large parts of land in Jhunjhunu district of rajasthan. He founded the village ‘Netram ki Dhani’ near surajgarh which is now known as ‘Netrampura’.

Choudhary Netram Bijarnia

Choudhary Netram Bijarnia owned 9 hazar bighas (4000 acres) of land around the villages of Netrampura Jakhod, Bisanpura. Choudhary sahab donated most of this land to the landless farmers & poor people by rehabilitating them from other areas.

Choudhary Netram Bijarnia had a strong built. As an adult he was 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 m) tall, weighed 125 kilograms (275 lb) and had a chest measurement of 54 inches (137 cm). Due to his physique, even the british police & army officials feared him. As quoted by his son Choudhary Shyodan ram Bijarnia “Baba’s voice was so strong that his ‘Harrummph!-(coughing & clearing throat) can be heard for more than 5 kms. Villagers say that even the ‘Spirits’ feared him.

Choudhary Netram Bijarnia was a big hearten farmer & he constructed a big tube-well in the area & allowed all the people from nearby areas to use it free of cost. He also constructed a ‘Pyau’-free drinking water kiosk in Netram Ki Dhani & himself fed water to the passerby's.

His son Choudhary Shyodan ram (94 yrs) recounts that "Baba used to wake up at 4 am regularly & took bath with cold tube-well water till the age of 105 years”. He adds that “Baba never fell sick till the day he died & used to eat 10 bajra roti's with 1 liter ghee daily”.

Choudhary Netram Bijarnia contructed a big Haveli in the middle of Village ‘Netram ki dhani’ & used to feed 10-15 travelers/villagers daily with hookah and alcohol. He used to help everyone who came to him with food, home or money. Choudhary Netram was a ‘messiah’ for jat farmers in the jhunjhunu-shekhawati region.

Choudhary Saab was one of the prominent leaders of Shekawati farmers movement and worked extensively for the upliftment of the farmers in jhunjhunu.

Choudhary Netram Bijarnia was a pain in the ass for local english officials. He used to black liquor & other materials from punjab across ‘loharu’ on camels. He used to attack Britishers head on & used to stole their guns.

Choudhary Netram Bijarnia lived till the age of 105 . His statue was constructed in his village Netrampura & was inaugurated by Smt. Sumitra Singh (Speaker of the 12th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly).


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