Sudhir Kumar Garhwal

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Sudhir Kumar Garhwal in JNU campus New Delhi.

Sudhir Kumar Garhwal (सुधीर कुमार गढ़वाल), born (1st July,1992) in Sikar district in Rajasthan, is a notable Jat. Being from a tiny Jat village, he has got success in higher education. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in Centre for Inner Asian Studies from School of International Studies (SIS) JNU, New Delhi . After completion of M.A. in International Politics from JNU, he got successfully an M. Phil. degree from the same university.

Life Style

He did schooling from the Government Secondary School, and afterward got 1st class BA degree from Seth G. B. Poddar College, Nawalgarh; which is affiliated with University of Rajasthan.

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