The Jats Vol. 2

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The Jats Vol. 2
Their Role and Contribution to the Socio-Economic Life and Polity of North and North West India,
Vol.II, 2006.
Ed. by Dr Vir Singh
Publisher - M/S Originals (an imprint of low priced publications), A-6, Nimri commercial Centre, Near Ashok Vihar, Phase-IV, Delhi-110052. e-mail:, url:, © Surajmal Memorial Education Society
ISBN 81-88629-51-0 (H.B.) Price Rs 525/-& ISBN 81-88629-52-9 (P.B.)


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  • Wiki Editor note
  • Foreword....ix
  • Introduction....xi
  • राष्ट्र निर्माण में जाटों योगदान: प्रो. जी. सी. सक्सेना....xxv
  • Inaugural Address: Prof. D.N. Tripathi....xxix

  • Chapter-9: The Jat Zamindars of the Suba of Agra, Delhi, and Punjab Regions in Ain-i-Akbari: Proj. Jigar Mohammed....75
  • Chapter-10. An Appraisal to the Economy of Pargana Au-The Homeland of Jats: Rashmi Upadhyaya....91
  • Chapter-11. The Intensity of Peasant Movement in Brij Region between 1686-1695:Dr. Vir Singh....99
  • Chapter-12. Character and Personality of Suraj Mal as Viewed by Contemporary Indo- Persian Historians: Proj. Z. U. Malik....131
  • Chapter-13. Promotion of Krishnaism in Periods of Jat Dominance in Braj: A Glance at Some Sources: Farhat Nasreen....141
  • Chapter-14. Jat-Maratha Relations: Dr. Raj Pal Singh....147
  • Chapter-15. Agrarian Exactions in the Jat Region: A Case study of Mathura: Proj. S.P. Gupta....159
  • Chapter-16. Ram Sukh Rao on Jassa Singh Ahluwalia's Relation with Bharatpur State: Dr. K. S. Bajwa....169
  • Chapter-17. The Process of Acquisition of Political Power by the Jat Sikhs: A Case Study of the Ruling Family of Lahore: Prof. Radha Sharma and Harish C. Sharma....175
  • Chapter-18. Mughal Jat Relations From the Revolt of 1669 to the Revolt of 1857 - An analysis: Proj. S.M. Azizuddin Husain....185
  • Chapter-19. शाहमल जाट और सत्तावन की क्रांति में उसका योगदान: डॉ. मनोहर सिंह राणावत ....189
  • Chapter-20. नटनागर शोध- संस्थान में इतिहास से संबंधित आधार सामग्री: डॉ. मनोहर सिंह राणावत ....199
  • Chapter-21.टोंक में रियासत भरतपुर से संबंधित आधार सामग्री: अनवारुन्निसा....207

  • Chapter-22. Migration and Movement: The Role of Jats in Rural Settlements in Rajasthan during the Medieval Period: Prof Dilbagh Singh....213
  • Chapter-23. Position of Jats in Churu Region: Jibraeil....221
  • Chapter-24. A Note on the Malba Cess in the 18th Century Bikaner State: Dr. Kanti Lal Mathur....227
  • Chapter-25.जनचेतना के अग्रदूत बीकानेर के जाट (19 वीं-20वीं सदी): डॉ.शंकर गिरिजा शर्मा ....237
  • Chapter-26.राजस्थान में स्वतंत्रता पूर्व जाटों की वैयक्तिक स्वतंत्रता में जाति-पंचायतों की भूमिका: डॉ.शंकर गिरिजा शर्मा ....243
  • Chapter-27.बीकानेर संभाग में समाज-सेवियों द्वारा जाट समाज में शिक्षा प्रसार, समाज सुधार, राजनैतिक चेतना एवं आर्थिक विकास में योगदान: डॉ. ब्रह्माराम चौधरी ....249
  • Chapter-28. All India Jat Mahasabha and Bharatpur State Affairs of 1929-31: Dr. Brij Kishore Sharma....261
  • Chapter-29. Jats in Rajasthan: The Harbingers of Democratic Coalition: Prof Bhawani Singh....269
  • Chapter-30. Jats and Their Struggle for Democracy in Rajasthan: Dr. Sahi Ram....279
  • Chapter-31. The Role of Jats and their contribution to the Polity of North-West India: Lt. Col. D.R. Chaudhary....287
  • Chapter-32. Jats of Haryana: A Sociological Analysis: Prof B.K.Nagla....303
  • Chapter-33. ....319
  • Chapter-34. Pattern of Community Power Structure in Rural Haryana: Dr. Rajesh Kundu....331
  • Chapter-35. Representation of Jats in Haryana Legislature: S. S. Chahar....355

  • Chapter-36.हरियाणा प्रदेश की राजनीतिक दिशा तय करते हैं जाट: डॉ. एस. एस. चाहर, डॉ. आर. के. कुण्डू ....369
  • Chapter-37. From Migration to Mastery: The Rise of the Jats as a Political Force in Post-Independence India: Chhanda Chatterjee.... 379
  • Chapter-38. Sir Chhotu Ram: His Life Profile: Jagbir Singh Narwal....393
  • Chapter-39. A Note on Charan Singh's Contribution to Indian Economy and Polity: Lessons We Need to Learn: Prof H.M. Desarda....403
  • Chapter-40. Chaudhary Charan Singh and the abolition of Zamindari in Uttar Pradesh: Prof J.P Mishra....413
  • Chapter-41. Agricultural Economy of India: Chaudhary Charan Singh's Vision and Contributions: Prof Lallan Prasad....423
  • Chapter-42. सहकारी खेती पर चौधरी चरणसिंह का दृष्टिकोण: डॉ. के. आर. मोटसरा ....433
  • Chapter-43.चौधरी चरणसिंह की ग्रामवाद एवं जातीय ध्रुवीकरण की अवधारणा:डॉ. के. आर. मोटसरा....443
  • Chapter-44. Jats as Warriors: An Appraisal of the Jat Regimental Centre, Bareilly: Brig. Shyam Lal....455
  • List of Contributors....469

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