The Anabasis of Alexander

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The Anabasis of Alexander


The History of Wars and Conquests of Alexander the Great

Literally translated, with a commentary, from the Greek of Arrian the Nicomedian,

by E. J. Chinnock, M.A., LL.B., London, Rector of Dumfries Academy. 1883.

London: Hodder and Stoughton, 27, Paternoster Row. MDCCCLXXXIV.

Butler & Tanner, The Selwood Printing Works, Frome, and London.

Book No. Chapter Page
Preface v
Errata xiii
Life and writings of Arrian 1
Arrian's Preface 6
Book-I 1a (Chapter:1-16) 8
1b (Chapter:17-29) 50
Book-II 2a (Chapter:1-14) 78
2b (Chapter:15-27) 114
Book-III 3a (Chapter:1-15) 140
3b (Chapter:16-30) 170
Book-IV 4a (Chapter:1-14) 205
4b (Chapter:15-30) 233
Book-V 5a (Chapter:1-15) 265
5b (Chapter:16-29) 290
Book-VI 6a (Chapter:1-14) 317
6b (Chapter:15-29) 340
Book-VII 7a (Chapter:1-14) 369
7b (Chapter:15-30) 398
Index of Proper Names 429
Book-VIII 8a Indica (Chapter:1-20)
8b Indica (Chapter:21-43)

Note - Each Book is divided into two parts for smooth edits in wiki. The page numbers refer to the pages in E. J. Chinnock's translation and are given with title of each chapter for easy search and also at the bottom of each chapter. Indica (Arrian) is not part of the book Anabasis but added here for convenience as Book-VIII.

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