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Location of Koch Bihar in West Bengal

Kuch Bihar is a city and district of West Bengal, India.

Origin of name

Koch (कोच), a people mentioned in the Masalik-wa-Mamalik and in the Kitab of Ibn Haukal with the Baloch. [1] Persian word: کوچ koch (meaning "migration"), which is itself a loanword from Turkic köç ("to travel, wander, start out, migrate; migration").


Cooch Behar is a district under the Jalpaiguri Division of the state of West Bengal. Cooch Behar is located in the northeastern part of the state and bounded by the district of Jalpaiguri in the north, state of Assam in the east and by Bangladesh in the west as well as in the south. The district forms part of the Himalayan Terai of West Bengal.

The rivers in the district of Cooch Behar generally flow from northwest to southeast. Six rivers that cut through the district are the Teesta, Jaldhaka, Torsha, Kaljani, Raidak, Gadadhar and Ghargharia.


During the British Raj, the town of Cooch Behar was the seat of a princely state of Koch Bihar, ruled by the Koch dynasty.

Notable persons