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For Pahladpur village near Palam (Delhi), click Pahladpur Delhi.

Kidoli (किड़ौली, किड़हौली) is village District Sonipat, Haryana. Kidoli village has two pannas - Kirholi and Prahladpur. So it is also known as Kirholi Prahladpur.

Kirholi Prahladpur, the village of Major Ram Narain Dahiya.

Jat Gotras

Its predominant gotra is Dahiya. Village Kirholi was fortunate to fall in the agricultural belt that enjoyed canal irrigation since very early times, thanks to the Western Yamuna canal system built by the Mughals to feed Shahjahanabad and restored and maintained by the British.


Notable persons

  • Major Ram Narain Dahiya (1914-1983) was born to Ch. Prabhu s/o Ch. Rich Pal @ Richha. Ch Prabhu second of three brothers, was a man of tremendous foresight. He was instrumental in educating all the eight siblings in the joint family, even his youngest daughter Smt. Khazano Devi(who later had a very successful career as an educationist and is the only surviving sibling leading a retired life in Village Chara) even in those early days. Ram Narain and his elder cousin Bharat attended Hindu College at Kashmiri Gate in Delhi. Outbreak of the great depression (when Ch. Prabhu couldn't sell a cartload of gur even after camping for a fortnight in the mandi and had to eventually feed it to his bullocks), and the premature death of Bharat, led to most siblings joining the armed forces after high school. Ram Narain married Smt Bhagwani Devi of Village Neelwal, Delhi in a ceremony which included a motor-car in the barat and doli.(Remarkable! guessing that the event must have taken place sometime in the mid-1920s) Ram Narain went on to win his Commission in the early 1930s(Deccan/Sindh Horse), saw action in the 2nd WW in the middle-east sector, enjoyed a goodwill visit to the UK after the war, built # 9996/3 in West Delhi in the early 1950s and retired to it as a Major in 1964. He is survived by a son and a daughter. The son married Ch. Devi Lal ji's eldest cousin Ch. Jee Sukh Ram ji 's youngest daughter. He works with the MEA, has served in various Indian Embassies abroad and was last posted abroad as Attache in the Indian Mission to the UN in New York. He is currently with the Indian Foreign Service Institute, JNU Campus, New Delhi The daughter married an army officer who recently retired as Colonel last posted with the WC in Jaipur. Colonel Sahib served as the army's officer in charge boxing, is a qualified boxing coach, referee & judge presently involved with the [CWG] till 2010. Two of his grandsons are presently software professionals in USA.


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