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Banur on Map of Patiala district

Banur (बनूर) is a village in Rajpura Patiala tehsil of Patiala district in Punjab.

Jat Gotras


H.A. Rose writes:[1]The two most important centres of the Bawan-gotas of Kamboh are Sanaur and Sunam in Patiala. The ' 52 ' are in their own estimation superior to the ' 84 gotas'. The latter are found in the Banur and Thuri (? Dhuri) ilaqas of Patiala, in Maler Kotla, Nabha, the Naraingarh tahsil of Ambala and in Saharanpur east of the Jumna; also in Amritsar, Multan, Montgomery and Lahore. A note from Ambala makes the ' 52-grotas' descendants of a cadet branch and the ' 84-gotas' of an elder branch.

Seize of Banur

Lepel H. Griffin writes:[2]The Diwan then, in company with Dhara Rao, marched against Banur. This town, which is of some importance, is situated about 12 miles to the north west of Ambala, and was defended by two forts, an old imperial one, called Zulmgarh, and another of more recent date. This town, with the neighbouring villages had been conquered by the Singhpuria Sirdars.

The Banur estate

Lepel H. Griffin writes:[3]Pattiala gained an advantage in the Banur estate, shared with the Singhpuria Sirdars, in the possession of the town of Banur, the second in importance in the whole territory. To compensate the Chiefs for this, a somewhat larger moiety of the income than their proper share was allowed them, the village of Baddali, formerly in Pattiala, having by this distribution been assigned to the Singhpurias and then annexed to British territory, a payment of 10 per cent, on the value of the share was allowed to the Maharaja to compensate him for the loss of the remote and contingent interest in the succession to lapsed sharers.

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