CH.Hari Ram Foughat

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Ch.Hariram Foughat was from village Bhaaloth dist. Rohtak in Haryana. He participated in staying at front in almost all the freedom movement conducted by congress in Punjab and Delhi along with his mother Smt.Nantidevi Phoughat , wife Smt.Naanhidevi Phoughat , son Karan Singh Foughat and Bhagat Singh.

His family members were arrested several times by Britishers. Smt.Naanhidevi Phoughat , his wife first time unfurled the tiranga in Lahore jail. His one daughter (Vijaya Laxmi) died in Lahore jail due to negligence of jailer. His two sons Karan Singh Foughat and Bhagat Singh Fhought also went to jails several times along with their grand mother.

They all got taamer patraa (ताम्र पत्र) from Smt. Indira Ghandhi. They are known as first family of Haryana, whose three generations went to jail all together several times.

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