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Location of Dhankot in Gurgaon District

Dhankot (धनकोट) is village in Gurgaon tahsil in Gurgaon district in Haryana.


It is situated 11 km west of Gurgaon on Gurgaon - Farrukhnagar Road. Its geographical coordinates are 28° 29' 0" North, 76° 57' 0" East.


The town has mythological significance. It is believed that it was from this place that milk was supplied to Guru Dronacharya and his pupils at Gurugram (Gurgaon). According to Buddhist literature, Dhankot is also known as Thullkottiha (थुलकोठिया) (or Dhool kot, in common language) and Lord Buddha is said to have visited this place.

Population of Rol

Population of Dhankot is 4615 according to Census 2001[1], (males : 2589, females : 2026).

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