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For village see Diwana Panipat

Diwana (दीवाना) is a Jat Gotra.[1]



H.A. Rose[2] writes:

Diwana (दीवाना). — The third oldest sect of the Sikhs. To Guru Har Rai, or perhaps to Guru Rām Dās, must he ascribed the origin of the Diwāna Sādhs or " Mad Saints," a name they owe chiefly to their addiction to excessive consumption of hemp drugs. Founded by Bālā and Haria with the Guru's permission the order is but loosely organised, and is recruited mainly from the Jats and Chamars. Its members are for the most part non-celibate. Outwardly those Sādhs keep the hair uncut and wear a necklace of shells, with a peacock's feather in the pagri. They fellow the Adi Granth and repeat the true name.1 Sikh history relates that one of the sect who attempted forcible access to Guru Govind Singh was cut down by a sentry, whereupon Ghudda, their spiritual guide, sent 50 men of the sect to assassinate him. But of these 48 turned back, and only two proceeded to the Guru, without weapons, and playing on a sarangi ; and instead of killing him they sang to him. He gave them a square rupee as a memorial. (Macauliffe : Sikh Re- ligion, V, p. 218). They are mainly returned from Kangra district.

1. Maclagan, § 101. The Diwana Sadhs appear to be a sect of the Malwa with head-quarters at Pi'r-pind in (?)


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