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Location of Guhisar near Gohad in Bhind District
Guhisar ki Garhi

Guhisar (IAST:Guhīsar, Hindi: गुहीसर) is a village in Gohad tahsil of Bhind district in Madhya Pradesh.


Guhisar is located at a distance of 30 km from Gwalior city in east direction on Bilara Road. Guhīsar is geographically located at Latitude and Longitute 26° 14' 28" North, 78° 32' 43" East.[1]


There is a small fort in Guhisar known as Guhisar ki Garhi. The fort was constructed by Gohad ruler Maharaja Chhatar Singh. The fort is situated on a hillock and surrounded by deep ditch to protect it. One can enter it through a small entrance and can reach the palace. The palace is surrounded by four double storied burj. There is a secret tunnel believed to connect this fort with Gohad and Karwas forts. The defence strategy of the fort is exemplary. The fort could be conquered only in case of an internal conspiracy or the chieftain himself surrenders.[2]

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