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Jakhodha or Jakhauda (जाखोदा/ जाखोधा) is a small village, near Bahadurgarh in (Haryana), in Jhajjar district. It is located on the main road (Delhi-Rohtak - National Highway No. 10. Names of neighbouring villages are Sankhol, Asaudha and Rohad.


Jat gotras


Notable person

  • Hemant Krishan Singh (Dalal) or H.K. Singh is senior officer of the Indian Foreign Service from this village. He has been India's Ambassador to Indonesia and Colombia. Also served as India's Deputy Permanent Representative at the Indian Mission to the UN in Geneva (Switzerland). Currently, he is India's Ambassador to Japan.
  • Raka Dalal- She is founder of Raka Security Pvt. Ltd.,which is one of leading company for providing security manpower, facility management and surveillance equipments etc.

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