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Dada Khera village Julani

Julani (जुलानी) is a village in Jind tehsil in Jind district of Haryana. The village is famous due to the deeds of Harphool Jat Julaniwala. On which Alah has been sung by many people in Haryana culture. He acted against the injustice to the community or individuals.


Jualni village is located just 2.0 kilometer from the Jind Railway Junction.

Jat gotras


Dada Khera temple

The main worship place of the village is DADA KHERA JULANI, where each and every family of the village lights the Jyoti in Desi ghee on shukal paksh Sunday.The village is blessed by DADA KHERA as having great prosperity in the village. So many times misunderstanding between the villagers arose but everything got settled peacefully by the blessings of DADA KHERA.Villagers enjoy love and harmony among the relations.Any kind of disputes always settled peacefully.This is the blessings of DADA KHERA everyone in the village gets the job and success as per the qualification or the efforts he/she puts in for the success. May GOD bless my village with all the peace,happiness and harmony among the relations.JAI DADA KHERA JULANI.

Notable Personalities of the village

  • Late CH. Jogi Ram - Freedom Fighter and founder member of Jat institutions at Jind
  • B L Saharan - Retired as Director Fisheries of Haryan State. Now based at Chandigarh.
  • Harpal Singh Saharan- Chief engineer merchant navy

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