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Khargi (खर्गी)[1] Kharagi (खरगी) is a gotra of Jats.[2],[3]



Rajatarangini[4] mentions that Kharga was a minister of King of Kashmir Baladitya (561-598AD). After a reign of thirty-seven years and four months Valaditya died, and with him the Gonanda dynasty became extinct. And while the chief ministers neglected the affairs of the kingdom, the grateful Kharga duly crowned the late king's son-in-law, Durlabhavardhana, of the Ashvngharoā Kayastha caste, bathing him with, the waters collected from holy places and poured from a golden vessel; and the kingdom thus passed from the Gonanda dynasty to that of Karkota Naga as passed the Ganges from heaven to the head of Shiva.

Kharga dynasty

Brahmakunda (ब्रह्मकुंड) is a Village in Mohanpur Block in West Tripura District of Tripura State, India.

Eighteen ancient gold coins recently excavated from Brahmakunda belong to the eighth century Kharga dynasty. The gold coins were recovered during an excavation work at Shibbari temple at Brahmakunda, about 40 kms from Agartala, on September 10,2017 by state government authorities and currently kept in official custody. [5]

Eminent numismatist Jahar Acharjee has claimed that these coins belong to the Kharga dynasty which ruled present Comilla district in Bangladesh, whose territory extended upto Tripura. [6]

Acharjee, who also authored a book on the lost kingdoms of Samatat and Harikel, said that specific evidences of Tripura receiving grants from the Kharga kings were found at Boxanagar, another archaeological site in Sipahijala district, about 35 kms from Agartala.[7]

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