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Kripura (क्रीपुर) or Krīpura was the place from which Vainyagupta issued his land-grant in A.D. 507 :

Kripura Gunaighar Copper-plate Inscription of Vainyagupta Gupta Year 188 (=A. D. 507).

As mentioned in (No. 52, L. 1) It was evidently the seat of his government. [1] It was the victorious camp full of great ships and elephants and horses (situated). [2] The place is of unknown identity,[3] but is possibly to be looked for in Bengal. [4] Literally the name can mean a 'market-town'. [5]

Similar name Kārāpura is situated in Bagdam, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Its geographical coordinates are 34° 6' 0" North, 74° 52' 45" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Kārāpura. [6] It is nor clear whether it has anything to do with Kripura.


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