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La‘l wa Sar Jangal (Lal Wa Sarjangal, لعل و سر جنگل)[1] is a district in the north-east of Ghor Province, Afghanistan. The district center is the town of La‘l.

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The early history of the district is clouded in myths and folklore including stories of how the Hazaras of southern Hazarastan took control of this Aimaq-inhabited province. However, the regions now known as Lal, Sar Jangal and Kirman have been documented in historic books. Ghobar states Lal & Kirman as the grazing land for the horses of Mongol army under the conqueror Genghis Khan.

Traditionally, in the feudal Hazara society prior to the 1880-1890 massacre of the hazaras, Lal and Sar Jangal was part of the Greater Daizangi region ruled in parts by feudal chiefs known as Mirs and Baigs. The country's grazing land had historically proven to be useful for maintaining large armies by the Mirs. Prominent Mirs of the old days include Nauroz Baig and Yusuf Baig who hold considerable respect in the local folklore.

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