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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Nagamala (नागमाल) is a Buddhist place mentioned in Mahavansha and located in Sri Lanka.




In Mahavansha

Mahavansa/Chapter 15 tells.... "Then the Sambuddha went northward from the Sirisamala and preached the doctrine to the people, sitting in the Nagamälaka. When they heard the preaching of the doctrine, O king, the conversion of twenty thousand living beings took place....."

`When the theri knew his thought she forthwith took the king' of that region with her and went to the tree. Then when the theri of wondrous power had drawn a line with a pencil of red arsenic around the south branch, she took the Bodhi-branch thus separated and set it in a golden vase, and this, by her miraculous power, she brought hither, O great king, with (her company of) five hundred bhikkhunis, surrounded by the devatas; and she placed it with its golden vase, in the out-stretched right hand of the Sambuddha the Tathagata received it and gave it to the king Jayanta to plant; the lord of the earth planted it there in the Mahasagara-garden.

`Then the Buddha went northward from the Nagamalaka and preached the doctrine to the people seated in the Asokamalaka. When they heard the preaching of the doctrine,.....

अशोकमाल - नागमाल

विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[1] ने लेख किया है ...नागमाल (AS, p.48) नागमाल का उल्लेख बौद्ध ग्रंथ महावंश में हुआ है, जिसके अनुसार यह लंका में स्थित बताया गया है। महावंश (15,153) में वर्णित यह स्थान अनुराधापुर से संबंधित था। सिंहल नरेश जयंत को स्थविर कश्यप बुद्ध ने इसी स्थान के उत्तर में अशोकमाल पर जाकर धर्मोपदेश दिया था, जिससे सिंहल के चार सहस्र लोग बौद्ध धर्म में दीक्षित हुए थे।

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