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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

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Pattan (पत्तन) is a town and tehsil in Baramulla district in Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.


Pattan is a Town in Pattan Block in Baramulla District of Jammu & Kashmir State, India. It is located 23 km towards East from District head quarters Baramulla. It is a Block head quarter. Pattan Pin code is 193121 and postal head office is Pattan .[1] Pattan is located at 34.17°N 74.57°E. It has an average elevation of 1553 metres. Pattan is surrounded by Breng Block towards North, Kunzer block towards the south, Narbal block towards east, Singhpora block towards west. This place is near the border of the Baramulla, Budgam and Ganderbal districts.[2] Budgam district and Beerwah are south of this place.


Villages in Pattan tahsil

Town: 1 Pattan,

Villages 1 Agar Kallan, 2 Aglar, 3 Aram Pora, 4 Archander Hama, 5 Baba Khi Pora, 6 Bahram Pora, 7 Bali Haran, 8 Behram Pora Kun Gandara, 9 Biyawa, 10 Bochu, 11 Bodi Bug, 12 Burzala, 13 Chack Charat Ram, 14 Chaku, 15 Chana Bal, 16 Chander Hama, 17 Chandera Seer, 18 Chukar, 19 Daragam , 20 Dard Pora, 21 Dewarya Khman Pora, 22 Dildar Pora, 23 Dilshad Pora, 24 Dusli Pora, 25 Gadwani, 26 Goigam, 27 Goom Ahmad Pora, 28 Gosha Bugh, 29 Gund Chander Hama, 30 Gund Ibrahim, 31 Gund Khawja Kasim, 32 Gundari Pora, 33 Habaq Tangoo, 34 Hamray, 35 Hanji Wera, 36 Hara Treth, 37 Harhand Pora, 38 Harnara, 39 Hussan Abad , 40 Indir Gam, 41 Kanlu, 42 Kati Bug, 43 Khamsiyar, 44 Khanpeth, 45 Khargam, 46 Khushal Pora, 47 Khusrag Pora, 48 Krishama, 49 Loli Pora, 50 Maharaj Pora, 51 Mala Buchan, 52 Malik Pora, 53 Mamoosa , 54 Mati Pora, 55 Merchamer, 56 Mira Gund, 57 Mohammad Pora, 58 Nangir Pora, 59 Nelopher, 60 Nihal Pora, 61 Nowlari, 62 Ochli Pora, 63 Paki Pora, 64 Pal Pora, 65 Palhallan, 66 Pattan, 67 Pochanag, 68 Qasba Malmoh, 69 Rakh Dosli Pora, 70 Rasri Pora, 71 Rawan Pora, 72 Roshan Abad, 73 Seriguo Danger Pora, 74 Sheer Abad, 75 Sheer Pora Bangil, 76 Shuch Pal Pora, 77 Singh Pora, 78 Siri Wara Pora, 79 Sonim, 80 Sudrabal, 81 Sultan Pora Khai, 82 Tantry Pora, 83 Taper Wari Pora, 84 Tara Hama, 85 Tilagam, 86 Tunj Haran, 87 Usan Khai, 88 Utikoo, 89 Wahi Gund, 90 Wailu Kral Pora, 91 Wani Gam Pain, 92 Wanigam Bala, 93 Wari Pora Bangil, 94 Yal,

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This historical town is considered to have been established by the famous Hindu king Shankarvarman, son of Awantivarman of Utpala dynasty, in the 9th century AD. As per Kalhana's Rajatarangini, Shankarvarman built a town named Pattana. Pandits write it as ‘Pathan’, ‘The Path’, as it falls on the important route to Baramulla. During ancient times Pattan was a business center for wool, livestock and grains. Shankarvarman had built two temples at Pattan town dedicated to Shiva. He named one of the temples after his wife, Sugandha, as Sugandhesa and the other temple was named as Shankargaurishwar. To the north of these two temples was a lake known as “PumpeSar” (Lotus Lake),where now stands a residential area.

In Rajatarangini

Pattana town built by Shankaravarmma is mentioned in Rajatarangini. [3]

Rajatarangini[4] tells.... After his conquest, Shankaravarmma returned to his country, and built a town named after him in the [p.117]: province of Panchasattra. In that beautiful town he also set up two images of Shiva, Shankaragaurisha and Sugandhesha — the former named after himself, and the latter after his queen Sugandha, daughter of Shrisvami, king of Udakpatha.

Rajatarangini[5] tells us that king of Kashmir Shankaravarmma built a town named Pattana, and made his minister Sukharaja's nephew (sister's son) lord of Dvara, but that man lost his life at Bīrānaka through his own carelessness. This incensed the king, and he marched upon, and devastated Biranaka, and entered Uttarapatha. He conquered many kingdoms on the banks of the Indus, and when the affrighted people of those places submitted, he returned.

Rajatarangini[6] tells ....Neither in the capital, nor in towns or villages, was there a temple left from which the idol was not taken out by Harsha the Turushka. Two influential gods were beyond his power, Shriramasvami in the capital, and Martanda at Pattana.

पत्तन, जम्मू और कश्मीर

पत्तन (Pattan) भारत के जम्मू और कश्मीर राज्य के बारामूला ज़िले में स्थित एक नगर है। यह ज़िले में तहसील का दर्जा रखता है।

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