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Traditional Jat in his house

The Jats have pure Aryan physical features. Their wheatish complexion, oval face with a firm jaw, prominent nose, dark eyes, thin lips, well set teeth, long neck, broad shoulders, thin waist and tall stature are unmistakably Aryan. Hardly any Jat will be found with non-Aryan features. They have retained racial purity due to their homogeneity. It can be safely said that if any people have preserved pure Aryan characteristics it is the Jats, Ahirs and Gujars.

A Jat is fearless and frank in expression. He neither likes to receive or extend flattery. Jats maintain both friendship and enmity for generations. An old Jat will not die in peace unless he has explained to his descendants the good or evil deeds done unto him by others and taken promise for a return favour or revenge. They are a very hardy lot. There is a popular saying that considers a Jat dead only after thirteen days have passed after his death.

Jats are really hardworking and Intelligent people as there is a popular saying "anpad jat padhe likhe jaisa aur pada likha jat bhagwan jaisa (अणपढ जाट पढे लिखे जैसा, और पढा लिखा जाट भगवान जैसा)"

Author: Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क


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