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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Palodheri was a Buddhist place visited by Xuanzang in 630 AD.


Origin of name


Visited by Xuanzang in 630 AD

Alexander Cunningham[1] writes about Varusha or Palodheri: Hwen Thsang next visited a town called Po-lu-sha, which, I think, may be identified with Palo-dheri, or

[p.52]: the village of Pali, which is situated on a dheri, or "mound of ruins," the remains of some early town. To the north-east of the town, at 20 li, or 3⅓ miles, rose the hill of Dantaloka, with a cave, in which Prince Sudāna and his wife had taken refuge. The position of Palodheri, which is the Valley of General Court, agrees with Hwen Thsang's distance of about 40 miles from Pushkalavati ;[2] and this identification is supported by the existence of the great cave of Kashmiri-Ghar, in the hill to the east-north-east, and within 3 or 4 miles of Palodheri. Mount Dantalok I take to be the Montes Daedali of Justin, [3] as in the spoken dialects the nasal of the word danta is assimilated with the following letter, which thus becomes doubled, as in the well-known datton, a " tooth-brush," or twig used for cleaning the teeth.


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