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Location of Rojhana in Ratlam district

Rojana (रोजाणा) or Rojhana (रोझाणा), in tahsil Jawra, is a village in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh. Jhajda is the biggest Jat Gotra here.

Location and Population

It is in north of Jaora. Its population is 2,952 (2001 Census).


There is an ancient Adinath Jain temple in this village. This is a Jain pilgrimage centre. A fair is organized on chatra sudi ekam every year.




Jat Gotras

As per Veer Jat Parichayavali, Anand Prakashan Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh), the gotra wise population of Jats, including that of women, living in the village is as under:

Baeeda 1, Baswana 1, Bhabhariya 3, Dhandhu 1, Jhajda 23, Khurkhudiya 1, Lambrod 1, Limbrod 1, Palaniya 1, Rudara 1, Rundra 1, Siyag 3, Tada 1,


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