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Rukmini (रुक्मिणी) was a royal princess of Vidarbha kingdom and sister of Rukmi. Rukmi, a powerful prince was an enemy of Krishna and did not want his sister to betroth his archerival. Instead, he wanted her to marry his dear friend, the mighty Sisupala, the King of Chedi.

Bhojakata was the capital of Rukmi a Bhoja-Yadava king of Vidarbha Kingdom. Rukmi wanted his sister Rukmini to be married by the Chedi king Shishupala. But she was in love with Vasudeva Krishna. Krishna abducted Rukmini against the will of Rukmi. Then king Rukmi left the capital of Vidarbha, viz Kundinapuri and chased Krishna. He pledged that he will not return to his capital without Rukmini. But he was defeated by Krishna's army. Rukmi kept his promise by constructing another capital for Vidarbha, to the west of Kundinapuri called Bhojakata. Since then he started ruling from this new capital. He never returned to Kundinapuri.

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