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Samba is a city and district in Jammu and Kashmir. Before the formation of this district, the area now under the district was part of Jammu district.


Located on Kathua- Jammu Road, Samba town is situated on the stream Basantar River. Samba is located at 32.57°N 75.12°E and has an average elevation of 384 m (1,260 ft). Samba is situated in the Shivalik Hills alongside the National Highway 1-A on the bank of the Basantar River, at a distance of 40 km from the city of Jammu. Samba District borders Udhampur District to the north, Kathua District to the east, Tehsils Jammu and Bishnah of Jammu District to the west, and the Working Boundary Line of Pakistan to the south.

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Administrative divisions

Samba district consists of four blocks: Samba, Vijay Pur, Purmandal, and Ghagwal. Each block consists of a number of GREF panchayats. The biggest village is Rajpura. Samba district itself covers Samba town and adjoining tehsils namely, Vijaypur and village Supwal, Gahwal. Historically Samba consist of 22 native towns (also known as Mandi), each consist of a separate family. The district is separated from the Jammu district by "Purmandal Bridge".


Before the formation of Samba District, the city was part of Jammu District. The main industrial area of Bari Brahmana, which used to fall under Jammu District, has now been included as part of Samba District. The city has a long tradition of involvement in the army.

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