Sardar Dalip Singh Dhillon of Malod

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Sardar Bahadur Dalip Singh Dhillon

Sardar Bahadur Dalip Singh Dhillon, Sardar-i-Azam, Sardar Bahadur, Home Minister, Jind State, was born in 1877 at Malod, District Ludhiana, of a well known Dhillon Jat Family. His Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather rendered distinguished, loyal and meritorious services to the Ruling House of Jind since the time of Maharaja Sarup Singh (1836); and in appreciation thereof his ancestors were recipients of many villages (Jagirdar of 44 Villages also known as Raja of Malodh).

Sardar Bahadur Sardar Dalip Singh entered service in 1896 as His Highness'A.D.C., became Sardar Deodhi,1901, Judge, 1916, Foreign Minister, 1918, Household Minister, 1919 and Home Minister the same year. Throughout his long and Brilliant Career he has rendered important services in the political affairs of the State.

He also rendered notable services in recruiting during the Great War, 1914-18. He received various distinctions as the title of Sardar Bahadur, a Sanad from the Commander-in-Chief in India in recognition of services during the Great War, a khil'at of Durbar Medal in 1911. In the Year 1919, he got the title of Sardar Bahadur from Viceroy & Governor General of India.He acted as President, Marriage Committees, Member, Khalsa College Council, and Managing Committee, Amritsar; Chairman, Jind Industrials Limited and President, Field Trail Committee. On other Occasions he received further appreciation,awards and distinctions and title of Sardar-i-Ala, 1920, His majesty's Coronation Medal, 1937; an exemption certificate from licence for arms from the Hon'ble the Resident, Punjab States; His Highness Golden Jubilee Medal and Khil'at-i-Eakhra and a jagir in perpetuity in 1927; the title of Sardar-i-Azam and Khil'at in 1939. He owned a Large Landed and house property in Jind and Nabha and Patiala States.

Retired in 1939 but held all the rights and privileges of a Cabinet Minister.

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