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Sohol (सोहोल) gotra Jats live in Nimach district in Madhya Pradesh. Soho (सोहो) Sohor (सोहोर)/Sahel (सहेल) clan is found in Afghanistan.[1]


Rajatarangini[2] tells....At the time of rebellion the Damaras came from all sides by thousands, like the black bees from the caves of the Himalayas -when the winter is over. The unfortunate king had under him Sahela the great at Kampana, who was useless to him, like the,Lord of Dvara. He was attacked by A'nanda, and after fighting many battles fled from Madava. (p.270)

Rajatarangini[3] tells....Sussala broke the army at Shurapura, and many of the king's soldiers were drowned and perished in the water of the Vaitarani. In this battle the rebellious and powerful Darshanapala was defeated. The survivors of the king's broken army fled on the next day to Sahela, who lived at Dokapunya. Sahela fearing an attack from Sussala, took shelter with the remnant of that broken army within the city. (p.273)

Rajatarangini[4] tells us ....The weak king was anxious to come to terms with Garga and for that purpose the great Sahela went to Lohara as a messenger. With difficulty Garga was made to promise to bestow his daughter on the king. Peace was then established with Sussala, but the proposed alliance although asked for was never made. (p.38) (SahelaSahel)

Rajatarangini[5] tells us .... When Sanjapala who was approaching Kashmira to attack it was yet at a distance, the king was induced by the citizens and the Damaras to go and meet him. Sahelaka left Salhana promising to establish peace between him and Sussala. (p.39) (SahelakaSahel)

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Sohol Jats live in villages: Khadawda,

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