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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Somakundaka (सौमकुण्डक) was a village in the Kundadhani vishaya of the Sravasti Bhukti as mentioned in Madhuban plate of Harshavardhana (606-647) issued from Kapitthika. Kundadhani and Somakundaka have not been identified. [1]



Somakundaka (सोमकुण्डका) दे. Kundadhani कुंडधानी (AS, p.989)


The Madhuban inscription is a charter of the well-known king Harsha or Harshavardhana, the hero of Bana's Harshacharita, who ruled part of Northern India at the commencement of the 7th century -which the village of Somakundaka (सौमकुण्डक), in the Kundadhani (कुण्डधानी) vishaya of the Sravasti Bhukti, which had been previously held by a Brahman on the strength of a forged charter, -was granted to two other Brahmans. The king's order was issued from the royal residence or camp of Kapitthikā , and is dated on the 6th of the dark half of the month Margasirsha of the year 25 (apparently of the king's reign1). The actual order is preceded by the genealogy of Harsha, in the course of which it is stated that his immediate predecessor, his elder brother Rajyavardhana, after defeating Devagupta and other kings, was treacherously slain in his enemy's quarters. On this event and on the genealogy generally it is now unnecessary to comment. ...Kuṇḍadhānī, from which the Kundadhani-vishaya received its name, and the village of Somakundaka have not been identified. [2]

Madhuban plate of Harshavardhana issued Kapitthika mentions ....(L. 8. ) His younger brother, who meditates on his feet, the devout worshipper of Maheshvara (Siva)- like Maheshvara taking compassion on all beings- the Paramabhattaraka Maharajadhiraja Harsha issues this command to the Mahāsūmanias, Mahārājas, Danḥsādhusādhanikas, Paramātāras, Rājasthānīyas, Kumāramātyas, Uparikas, Vishayapatis, regular soldiers, servants and others assembled at the village of Somakundaka ,which belongs to the Kundadhani vishaya in the Sravasti bhukti, and to the resident people-


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[3] ने लेख किया है ...कुंडधानी (AS, p.194) कन्नौजाधिपति महाराज हर्ष (606-647 ई.) के मधुबन अभिलेख से ज्ञात होता है कि उनके शासनकाल में कुंडधानी नामक विषय श्रावस्ती जनपद के अंतर्गत था. इसी विषय में सोमकुण्डका ग्राम स्थित था जिसका संबंध इस अभिलेख से है.

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