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Note - Baori is also the name of several villages in different places. Please click → Baori for details.

Baori clan (बावरी), Bāvarī, a tribe of Muhammadans, of Jat status, found in Montgomery.[1]


Chuhan (चुहान), (? Chauhan) a sept of Baurias, claiming Chauhan descent, found in Ferozepur. They avoid the use of oil in lamps, and use ghi instead. After the wedding a girl seldom revisits her parents' home, and if in consequence of a quarrel with her husband's people she does do so, and dies in her paternal home, her parents are bound to find another bride for her husband in her stead. Fornication in this sept is punished with excommunication and re-admission to the caste only permitted on payment of a fine, but even that does not remove the stigma. [2]



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