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Location of Places around Bhilwara

Bardod (बरडोद) is a village in Bhilwara tehsil in Bhilwara district in Rajasthan.


It is located on State High Way-8 connecting Bhilwara- Chittor, near Chittor border.


According to an Inscription of 10th century the town was called Bakrol (बाकरोल). It was a fort of Umraos, who did not support Maharaja Ari Singh. In samvat 1817 during the reign of Udaipur Maharaja Ari Singh its name was changed in favour of his elder son Hameer Singh. Dhiraj Singh and Hamir Singh had war with Marathas in which their heads were chopped off. They fought for some time even after this and their bodies fell at place called Bardod (बरडोद) and heads fell at village Kanyakheri. Memorial chabutras built at these sites are still there. [1]

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