Basol River

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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Basol River is a River that flows southward in Gwadar District of Balochistan Province, in southwestern Pakistan. It drains a desert area of the Makran region, with its river mouth at Khor Kalmat lagoon on the Gulf of Oman, of the Arabian Sea.[1]

The Basol River has been mentioned in Alexander's march as regards to Logistics of the Macedonian Army. Donald W. Engels mentions that another severe difficulty encountered by the troops was the lack of water along their route, which was fatal to a great many.[2] Now if they followed Strasburger's suggested route up the Basol and Ketch Rivers, the only thing the army be able to procure was water. There is no permanent settlement ancient or modern, along the rocky narrow gorges of the Basol River and hence no grain or dates would be procurable.... [3]


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