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Bhagasani (भागासनी) is a village in Bilada tahsil of Jodhpur district in Rajasthan.


The very most inhabitants of the village were the people who belonged to a different religion and left the place because of the cruelness of that time bandit Kalyan Singh's predecessors. Jats came here and survived in the time of Kalyan Singh but could not ever make their lives happier. Now a days it's a very peaceful place to live with many Jat Gotras and other casts. There are temples of MahadevJi and RamdevJi.

It can be located on earth map with coordinates 26° 17.403', 73° 43.718'.

Jat Gotras

Notable persons

  • Late Shri Gudar Ram Ji Bhirda - Modern person with no greed and never differentiated girls with boys. His friend Shri Fata Ram Ji still breathing and blessing the village.
  • Late Shri Bhera Ram Ji Kairapa - Former Principal with a great attitude to teach everyone the way to live life. He will always be remembered in the hearts of people for the work he carried out in his whole life. He was born in a nearer village Ransigaon and settled here in Bhagasani. He was son in law of Shri Gudar Ram Ji married to his eldest daughter.
  • Shri Poona Ram Ji Bhirda - Once he was elected as Sarpanch and brought many tremendous developments for which he is remembered and respected.

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