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Bhundana (भुण्डाणा) is a village in Bhopalgarh tahsil in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan.


It gets name from people of 'Bhand' caste who lived there earlier.


The original inhabitant Bhands moved and the area was occupied by Jakhar and Sou Jats.

Jat Gotras

There are about 350 families living in the village, out of them 250 families are of Jats. Main Gotra with maximum population is Jakhar. Other Jat Gotras are:

Other castes are Suthar, Sain, Harijan, Rajput, Meghwal, Naik, Rao etc.

This village was a leading one in the agitation against jagirdars for the abolition of jagirdari system. 10 people of this village became martyr in movement against jagirdari abolition.


Population of Bhundana according to Census 2001 is 1954, where male population is 992, while female population is 962[1]

Notable persons

  • Advocate Ratana Ram Tholiya. Advocate Ratana Ram Tholiya S/O Shri Gordhan Ram Tholiya was elected as Vice President of Rajasthan High Court’s Advocates Association Jodhpur. Presently he is Vice President of District Law, Human Rights & RTI Dept Jodhpur. He is senior advocate and presently practicing in Hon’ble High Court Jodhpur.

  • Bhundana Naresh. Late Bhopat Ram Jakhar was famous Sarpanch of Bhundana. He has done tremendous development work in this panchayat. He was called as “Naresh” / “Bhundana Naresh”.

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