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Chaudhary Kanhiya Singh was born in Butana village in Gohana tahsil in Sonipat district in Haryana.

As a Freedom Fighter

Ch. Kanhiya Singh was a great freedom Fighter. He was wounded in Jallianwala Bagh in 1919 by a bullet shot in his arm. Later he participated in Salt Movement in 1930 for which he was imprisoned for six months. Then he remained behind bars for nine months for his participation in non-co-operation movement.

He joined individual satyagraha and was detained for one year with Rs.100/- as fine. Again, on his release from jail he participated in the Quit India Movement and was imprisoned for one year. Thus he served four terms in jail with total three and a half years' for opposing the British Rule over India.

After the country became free, he remained in his village and passed away at the ripe age of 92 years.[1]


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