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*Famous Jats (All Categories)*

(The list contains Jat people who have contributed significantly in their respective fields and made us proud.)

*Photographs of Some Famous Jats*

Different Categories of Famous Jats

  1. Academicians & Educationists
  2. Administrators (IAS , IFS, IPS, IRS etc.)
  3. Advocates
  4. Ancient Jats
  5. Armed Forces Personnel (Air Force, Army, Navy, & Para Military Forces)
  6. Art and Culture
  7. Authors and Writers (Academic Books, Articles, Drama, Essay, Fiction, Jat Literature, Novels, Poetry, Prose)
  8. Brave People
  9. Businessmen and Industrialists
  10. Doctors and Other Medical Professionals
  11. Donors
  12. Engineers, Innovators, Scientists and Technocrats
  13. Famous Children
  14. Freedom Fighters
  15. Famous Women
  16. Jat from Different States of India
  17. Jats from Different Countries (Other than India)
  18. Judges
  19. Media Persons (Correspondents, Journalists, News Readers)
  20. Private Sector Personnel (President, Director, CEO etc)
  21. Players and Sports Persons (Players , Coaches, Sport Administrators)
  22. Politicians and Leaders
  23. Ragni , Saang, Song and Dance Video Artists, etc (Actors, Choreographers, Dancers, Directors, Musicians, Producers, Singers and Writers)
  24. Record Holders (National, International, Guinness Book Record)
  25. Rulers
  26. Social Workers and Reformers
  27. Film and TV Artists (Actors, Choreographers, Dancers, Directors, Hosts, Musicians, Producers, Singers and Writers)

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