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Author: Laxman Burdak (लक्ष्मण बुरड़क), IFS (R)

Dr. Balram Jakhar

Dr Balram Jakhar (b. Aug 23, 1923 - d. February 3, 2016) (बलराम जाखड) was a well known Parliamentarian. He was Governor of Madhya Pradesh.

Birth and Parentage

Bal Ram Jakhar

He was born in Jat family of Panchkosi village of Firozpur district in Punjab on Aug 23, 1923. His father's name is Chaudhari Rajaram Jakhar and mother's name is Patodevi Jakhar.


He got a degree in Sanskrit from Foreman Christian College, Lahore, in 1945. He has knowledge of English, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Punjabi languages.

Public Life

Dr Balram Jakhar was elected to the Punjab Assembly in 1972 and was re-elected in 1977; and he became the Leader of the Opposition. He was elected to the seventh Lok Sabha from Ferozepur in 1980 and re-elected to the eighth Lok Sabha from Sikar in 1985. He served as Speaker of Lok Sabha from 1980-1989. His rulings as Speaker of Lok Sabha are followed even today.

As Speaker of Lok Sabha he was instrumental in automation and computerization of Parliamentary works. He promoted Parliament Library, Reference, Research, Documentation and information services for the knowledge and use of members of Parliament. The establishment of Parliament Museum is his another contribution.

He was first Asian to be elected as Chairman of Common Wealth Parliamentarians Executive Forum.

He became the Central Agriculture Minister in 1991. He was Governor of Madhya Pradesh state from 30th June 2004 - 30th June 2009.


Dr Balram Jakhar was lifelong president of Bharat Krashak Samaj and president of Jalianwala Bagh Memorial Trust Management Committee. He has written a book- People, Parliament and Administration. Basically he was a farmer and loved Horticulture. He always tried to introduce the scientific techniques in agriculture to increase the production. The president of India awarded him "Udyan Pandit" in 1975 for his contribution to Horticulture. Haryana Agriculture University Hisar and Gurukul Kangri Visvavidyalaya Haridwar had awarded him the "Doctor of Science" and "Vidya Martand" honorary degrees for his contribution to the Agriculture and Horticulture.

Sports, Farming and Reading were his hobbies.


Dr Balram Jakhar died on February 3, 2016.

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