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Chachran or Chachran Sharif (Urdu: چاچڑان شریف‎) is a city in Tehsil Khanpur of the Rahim Yar Khan District, in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Variants of name


This city is situated at the east bank of Indus River and is the last northern town of District Rahim Yar Khan. After it the territory of District Rajan Pur begins; Mithankot, another historic town is directly across the river Indus on its west bank.

Origin of name

City gets name after Chachar Jat clan. Mostly the people of Chachar tribe used to live and are living here and due it, its name has become known as Chachran Sharif.

Jat clans


It is believed that in 325 BCE Alexander the Great founded a city called Alexandria on the Indus at the site of the last confluence of Punjab rivers with the Indus.[1] Nevertheless, some historians believe that Uch predates the advent of Bikramjit when Jains and Buddhists ruled over the area, and that Mithankot or Chacharan Sharif was the true settlement of Alexandria.

H.A. Rose[2] writes that The four chief khalifas of Qiblā,-i-Alim were,

  • Nur Muhammad II, of Hajipur or Narowala, in tahsil Rajanpur,
  • Qāzi Muhammad Aqil, of Chācharān Sharif,
  • Hafiz Muhammad Jamal, Multāni, and
  • Khwāja Muhannnad Sulaiman Khan, of Taunsa Sharif, in tahsil Sanghai.

Muhammad Aqil's shrine was at Kot Mithan, but, when Ranjit Singh conquered the Derajat, Khwaja Khuda Bakhsh, Mahbub Ilahi, his descendant, settled at Chacharan Sharif, which may now be regarded as the head- quarter of the Bahawalpur State religion. Muhammad Aqil displayed many miracles and in his old age, owing to his spiritual enlightenment, had no shadow ; so he used to come out of his house on dark nights only, in order to conceal his sanctity. A cloth (luugi) which passed through his body is kept as a relic to this day.

Chacharan Sharif is a historical town of District Rahim Yar Khan which is attributed with name of famous poet and saint Khawaja Ghulam Farid and it is called Fareed city as he was born and lived in this city.

There was a big harbour in Chachran before the birth of Khawaja Ghulam Farid. Big boats used to be here and people do business through this way when travelling source were very rare. However Chachran got more fame after the birth known poet Khawaja Ghulam Farid and became known as Chachran Sharif.

Mostly the people of Chachar tribe used to live and are living here and due it, its name has become known as Chachran Sharif.

There are main mouzaz near Chachran Sharif Like Pahoran, Mud Adil, Beit Mugul, Mehran, Hasil Pur, Mouza Chachar, Mouza Chandia, Mouaza Hamid pur, faiz Abad, and Hyder Abad.

Major tribes

The main tribes of the Chachran are the Khawaja, Qureshi, Rajput, Jatt, Baloch, Mughal, Awan, and Arain.

Prior to the partition of British India in 1947, at least one third of population consisted of Hindus with predominantly of Aroras who conducted the business and finance of the town. They left for India after the partition.


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