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Chhimba (छीमबा) Chhimba (छिम्बा)[1] Chhinba (छिंबा)[2] is a gotra of the Jats. [3]Chhimba or Chhimpa is also a caste engaged in the arts of dyeing, and printing.



H.A. Rose[4] writes that The Hindu Chhimbās are divided into two sub-castes, Tank and Rhilla. The following legend explains the origin of these two sub-castes :— At Pindlapur in the Deccan lived one Bamdeo, who one night entertained Krishna and Udhoji, but, as the latter was a leper, the villagers ejected them. They were in māyavi form, and at midnight both of them vanished, leaving Bāmdeo and his wife asleep. Udhoji hid in a shell (sipi), and when Bāmdeo went to wash clothes he found the shell and placed it in the sun. It produced the child Nāmdeo who was fostered by Bāmdeo's wife. Nāmdeo taught his son Tank, and Rhilla, his daughter's son, the arts of dyeing, printing and tailoring clothes. Prior to 1947, Chhimba Sikhs in India were traditionally landowners who were specialized cotton farmers until they settled down with their own clothing shops. Although most still own cotton farms, they now work as doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. They introduced some of the finest fabrics in Punjab and still run most of the textile industry there. It was probably some of these people who moved to areas of Himachal Pradesh, where they created a somewhat different style of printing cloth that was much favoured by the Gaddi people of the region.

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