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Chichli (चिचली) is a village in Gadarwara tahsil of Narsinghpur district in Madhya Pradesh.


It is situated on a tributory of Narmada river which originates in Chhindwara and merges into Narmada in Narsinghpur district.

Jat Gotras


This region was inhabited by some of The Mahabharata Tribes which took part in Mahabharata War. Koshala (कौसल) - A famous solar dynasty of the Ramayana era; played a minor role in the Mbh. King Brahadvala joined Duryodhana (VI.83.9), but some Koshalas joined the Pandava side (in VIII.8.19; 33.22).

One such tribe seems to have inhabited this place:

Chichchhila (चिच्छिल) - It is one of The Mahabharata Tribes,In the Kuru army with Mekala and Traipura (VI.83.9) of the central region.

पराग्ज्यॊतिषाथ अनु नृपः कौसल्यॊ ऽद बृहथ्बलः
मेकलैस तरैपुरैश चैव चिच्छिलैश च समन्वितः

This tribe was probably from Chichli town in this tahsil.


In village Chichali metal called peetal combination of copper and zinc utensils prepared. Chichali is very famous for these items.[1]

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