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District map of Hoshiarpur

Datarpur (दातारपुर) ia a town in Hoshiarpur district in Punjab, India.

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H.A. Rose[1] writes the history of Dadwal clan. ....Dadwal (डडवाल). — The Rajput clan to which belongs the ancient ruling family of Datarpur, but said to take its name from Dada in Kangra on the Hoshiarpur border. The Ranas of Bit Manaswal, or tableland of the Hoshiarpur Siwaliks were Dadwal Rajputs, and the clan still holds the tract.

The Dadwals are found in the neighbourhood of Datarpur, the seat of their former sovereignty, and on the south-west face of the Siwaliks in Hoshiarpur tahsil near Dholbaha and Jatiauri or Jankapuri, its ancient name, which is still used. Janak was an ancient Surajbansi ruler. The Dadwals are a branch of the Katoch and do not intermarry with them, or with the Golerias or Sibāyas on the ground of a common descent. They have an interesting local history which describes how they wrested the tract round Datarpur from a Chahng rāni.

The Dadwals have several als or families, whose names are derived from their settlements, such as Janaurach, Dholbahia, Datarpuria, Fatehpuria, Bhāmnowālia, Khangwarach, Naruria, Rampuria, etc. Datarpur is their chief village, but they have no system of chhatsand makans. (For their history and the septs which intermarry with them see the Hoshiarpur Gazetteer, 1904, pp. 48-9.)


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