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Dewasar or Devasar (देवसर/देवासर) is a village in Bikaner district in Rajasthan. This place is situated in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, its geographical coordinates are 28° 53' 0" North, 73° 28' 0" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Dewāsar.


Sihag Jats



Story about Chokhaji Sihag

Once Godara king had sent his messenger to the Siyag King Chokh Ram Sihag of Jangladesh to irritate king Chokha ji and provoke him to fight. So, that messenger went to Devasar village near Pallu. There is a pond in Devasar village where Chokha Ram ji used to take bath and meditate on its shore. Chokha Ram ji was meditating when that messenger reached him. The messenger reached him and said," I am a messenger of Godaras, give me some offerings". Chokha Ram ji replied, " If you want to have food, it will be prepared soon but I don't give offerings." As the messenger was ordered to say to Chokha Ram ji, he said,"What type of king you are?" On this, Chokha Ram ji took a handful of water and splashed it onto the messenger. Chokha Ram ji said," Take this and go away". But the messenger was astonished on seeing that the water had turned into gold Ashrafees. When the messenger returned to Godara king, he told them:-

सियागां मैं सम्प घणों, दूजी जात न जोड़ Siagaan mein samp ghano, dooji jaat na jod
सियाग चोखै दान दियो, छपन लाख करोड़ Siag Chokhai daan diyo,chappan lakh crore

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