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Gothland (Gothia, Götaland, Gothenland, Gautland or Geatland) is one of three lands of Sweden and comprises provinces.


Geographically it is located in the south of Sweden, bounded to the north by Svealand, with the deep woods of Tiveden, Tylöskog and Kolmården marking the border.

Götaland once consisted of petty kingdoms, which its inhabitants called Gautar in Old Norse.


The original central settlement was Västergötland and it is Västergötland that appears in medieval Icelandic and Norwegian sources as Gautland (Götland), a form which is not etymologically identical to Götaland. Ptolemaios (2nd century AD) mentions these people as goutai and Beowulf (8th–11th century) mentions them as Géatas. Norwegian and Icelandic sources sometimes use Gautar only for the people of Västergötland, but sometimes as a common ethnic term for both the people of Västergötland and those of Östergötland.

The name Götaland replaced the old Götland in the 15th century, and it was probably to distinguish the wider region it denoted from the traditional heartland in Västergötland. The name Götaland probably originally referred only to Västergötland and Östergötland, but was later extended to adjoining districts. The name Götaland is probably a plural construction and means the "lands of the Geats", where Göta- is the genitive plural of the ethnonym Göt (Geat). The interpretation that the neuter noun -land is a plural and not a singular noun is indicated by Bo Jonsson Grip's will in 1384, where he stated that he donated property in Swerige (Sweden, i.e. Svealand), Österlandom (Finland) and in Göthalandom to monasteries. Here Götaland appears in the plural form of the dative case.

Burdak and Gothen in Italian website

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  • The father of Goku (Burdak) Friser faced, but was killed.
  • Friser left alive only three Sajan name: Vegeta, Nappa is Radish.
  • Friser had left alive Sajan a baby named Goku.
  • Atterrò on earth, in a town named Quartu Sant'Elena.
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