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History of the Jats

Contribution to the History of Northern India (Upto the Death of Mirza Najaf Khan, 1782)

By Kalika Ranjan Qanungo. Edited and annotated by Vir Singh. Delhi, Originals, 2003, ISBN 81-7536-299-5.

Author's Note

[Page xi]

This volume owes its inception to the enthusiasm of my Jat pupils at Delhi for a history of their race which I promised to them four years back. The task proved more formidable than had appeared to me at the outset. The political history of the Jats is inextricably interwoven with the general history of the Mughal Empire in the eighteenth century; and their origin is still a mystery to themselves as well as to scholars. I ventured into the dark and unfamiliar realms of Indian antiquity and ethnology to search for the lost pedigree of the Jat; but I do not pretend to have discovered the right one. I am painfully aware of the many imperfections of this volume. Through my bad hand-writing or inadvertence, I have failed to preserve consistency in the spelling of proper names and allowed several regrettable errors to creep in for which a revised list 'errata' has been found necessary.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge with gratitude the generosity of Chaudhuri Chhajju Ram of Alakhpura, Hissar, who has borne a considerable portion of the expenses of publishing this volume. Sentiment and duty alike impel me to thank my beloved pupils Chaudhuri Sadi Ram. B.A., Pandit Mukhyaram, B.A., and others for their devoted services during our historical tours and investigations. It is hardly necessary for me to reiterate the extent of my obligations to my master, Professor Jadunath Sarkar, without whose constant help and guidance I could have hardly hoped to traverse so confidently this strange and obscure field of Indian history.

Kalika Ranjan Qanungo

Lucknow University,

30th April, 1925

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