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Janti Kalan (जांटी कलां) and Janti Khurd, are the twin villages that fall in Rai tahsil of Sonipat district in Haryana.


These twin villages are close to Delhi Border about 2 kilometres away from NH-10, towards Yamuna river. The neighbouriong villages are Singhu Border (Delhi) and Sersa (Haryana)

Jat Gotras


At one time, this village was on the bank of Yamuna river but now, the river has changed its route towards east and is now 5-6 kilometres from this village. On digging the land, Yamuna sand is found 2 feet below the ground. The village has good agricultural land. The villagers have earned good money by selling the Yamuna sand found in the fields. This sand is used for mixing with cement, while constructing houses etc. Hence, the land around the village is now uneven.

Notable persons

  • Dada Pundit Lakhmi Chand, a famous folk lore poet of Haryana, was born in this village. He is known for his Ragnis, folk-lore and traditional drama form known as 'Saang'(सांग).


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