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Jats the Ancient Rulers (A clan study)

Book by Bhim Singh Dahiya, IRS

First Edition 1980

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd, AB/9 Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi-110064

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Abbreviations used in B S Dahiya's books

  • AA - Ariana Antique
  • ABORI - Annals of Bhandarkar Oriental *Research Institute, Poona,
  • AIS - Alberuni's India, by Sachau.
  • AIG - The Age of Imperial Guptas.
  • AIU - The Age of Imperial Unity.
  • AN&M - The Age of Nandas and Mauryas.
  • ASR - Archaeological Survey (of *India) Reports.
  • ASI - Archaeological Survey of India.
  • ASIAR - Archaeological Survey of India *Annual Reports.
  • Ait. Br. - Aitereya Brahmana.
  • AMMK - Arya Manjusri Mula Kalpa (K.P. Jayaswal). In Imperial History of India.
  • BBKI - Brihad Bharat Ka Itihas (2 Vol. in Hindi) by Bhagvata Datta.
  • Bmd P. - Brahmanda Purana.
  • Br, - Brahmana.
  • BSOAS - Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London).
  • BRWW - Buddhist Records of the Western World, by S. Beal.
  • CAH - Cambridge Ancient History.
  • CII - (or Corp. Ins. Ind.) Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum.
  • CCIM - Catalogue of the Coins in the Indian Museum, Calcutta (V.A. Smith, 1906).
  • DKI - The Purana Text of the Dynasties of Kali Age (F.E. Pargiter).
  • DS - Daivata Samhita, by S.D. Satavalekar, 1943 (4 Vol. in Hindi).
  • DHNI - Dynastic History of North India (H.C. Ray).
  • EHI - Early History of India (V.A. Smith).
  • EHNI - Ethnic History of North India (S. Chatopadhyaya).
  • EB - Encyclopaedia Brittanica.
  • EI - Epigraphica Indica.
  • ESM - Eransahr Nach der Geographic des Ps Moses (or Eransahr) Xorenac-i, by J. Marquart, Berlin 1901.
  • HC - Harshacharita by Bag a Bhatta.
  • HCIP - History and Culture of Indian People.(Majumdar and Pusalkar).
  • HHC- Heou Han Chau (History of later Han Dynasty by Fan ye).
  • HIOH - History of India, as told by its Own Historians (Elliot and Dowson).
  • HVI - Hindi (Translation of) Vedic Index of Macdonnell & Keith by Ram Kumar Rai 1962).
  • IA -Indian Antiquary.
  • IC - Indian Culture, Calcutta.
  • IHQ - Indian Historical Quarterly.
  • Invasion - Invasion of India by Alexander the Great by J.W. Me Crindle.
  • ICR - Indian Coins (by Rapson, E.J.)-
  • JA - Journal Asiatique,
  • JAOS - Journal of American Oriental Society.
  • JASB - Journal of Asiatic Society of Bengal.
  • JBBRAS - Journal of Bombay Branch of Royal Asiatic Society.
  • JBORS Journal of Bihar and Orissa Research Society.
  • JIH - Journal of Indian History.
  • JNSI - Journal of Numismatic Society of India.
  • JRAS - Journal of Royal Asiatic Society.
  • JKI - Jat Kshatriya Itihas (in Hindi) by Y. P. Shastri (1944).
  • JPASB - Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.
  • KSIU - Kushan Studies in USSR (B. Gafurov & others, Calcutta 1970).
  • MAKI - Madhya Asia Ka Itihas (2 Vol. in Hindi by Rahula Sankrityayana).
  • MASI - Memoirs of Archaeological Survey of India.
  • MBT - Mahabharata.
  • Mark. - Markandeya Purana.
  • NHIP - New History of Indian People.
  • P. - Purana,
  • PIHC - Proceedings of Indian History Congress. Person English Dictionary (F, Steingass) 1930 London.
  • PHAI - Political History of Ancient India (H. C. Ray-Chowdhary).
  • P& SM - Political and Social Movements in Ancient Punjab, by Buddha Prakash.
  • RSCE - Rise and Splendour of the Chinese Empire (by R. Grousset, London, 1952). Rajat Rajatarangini of Kalhana, by A. Stein.
  • SBAW - Sitzungsberielite der Pressischen Akademie der Wis-.sen-Schaften (Berlin).
  • SIH&C - Studies in Indian History and Civilisation by Buddha Prakash.
  • SED - A Sanskrit-English Dictionary by M. Monier-Williams (Oxford 1960).
  • VIJ - Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal (Hoshiarpur, Pb.).
  • Vayiu - Vayu Purana
  • VGA - The Vakitaka-Gupta Age.
  • VS - Vikrama Samvat (Era of 58 B.C.)
  • Tribes and Castes - A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes in Punjab and N.W. Frontier—compiled by A.C. Rose, , Punjab Language Dept. Edn.)

B.S. Dahiya


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