Keshardev Burdak

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Author:Laxman Burdak IFS (R)

Keshardev Burdak

Keshardev Burdak is Yoga Guru from village Palthana in Sikar district Rajasthan. He was born on 1.8.1959 in the family of Narayan Singh Burdak Palthana. Mob: 9460168530


Rattu RamUda RamTeja Ram Burdak → 1. Hardeva Singh Burdak, 2. Narayan Singh Burdak Palthana, and 3. Nop Ram Burdak

Narayan Ram BurdakKeshardev Burdak

Family of freedom fighters

He belongs to the family of freedom fighters from Palthana. Teja Ram Burdak had a title of '23 Rai' awarded by Sikar Jat Panchayat. He was imprisoned many times. This title was given to indicate him superior to the British Viceroy ('bais ray' in local dialect).

Teja Singh Burdak had three sons: 1. Hardeva Singh Burdak, 2. Narayan Singh Burdak, and 3. Nop Ram Burdak

Teja Singh Burdak's eldest son Hardeva Singh Burdak was also freedom fighter.

Teja Singh Burdak's second son Narayan Singh Burdak father of Keshardev Burdak was also freedom fighter.

Teja Singh Burdak's youngest son Nop Ram Burdak was also freedom fighter. He was sarpanch of Palthana for about 28 years. Vidyadhar son of Nop Ram is AAO in Housing Board Jaipur.

Narayan Singh's son is Keshardev Burdak.


He is currently Teacher in Govt Sec. School Bandiawas Sikar, State Auditor Patanjali Yoga Samiti Rajasthan, Secretary Scout Guide Sikar.

Social Service

Keshardev frequently organizes free Yoga camps to educate people about the benefits of Yoga. His wife also assists him in this campaign. He is lover of Nature, Environment and Ayurveda. He raises the medicinal plants and distributes to people. He takes care of birds in summer by putting water pots for them. During scarcity and famines he takes care of animals by providing food and shelter at his own house in village Palthana.