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Kharan is a district in Balochistan province of Pakistan.

Origin of name


Kharan (Urdu: خاران‎) town in Kharan District, Balochistan, Pakistan is located at 28°35'0N 65°25'0E with an altitude of 692 metres.


The district includes a single tehsil, administratively divided into nine union councils.

Jat clans


H. W. Bellew[1] writes that Afterwards Arsakes (Arsak) a Skythian, with the Parnoi nomads (the Barni before mentioned as the tribe of the Kharizm Shahi dynasty), a tribe of the Dahi who live on the banks of the Okhus (that part of the Oxus river in the Khiva plain), invaded Parthia and made himself master of it. At first Arsakes and his successors were weakened by wars with those who had been deprived of their territories. Afterwards they became so powerful, by their successful warfare, that at last they took possession of all the country within the Euphrates. They deprived Eukratides and then the Scythians, by force of arms, of a part of Baktriana. They now (beginning of the Christian era) have an empire comprehending so large an extent of country, and so many nations, that it almost rivals that of the Romans in magnitude. In a previous passage (Geog. xv. 2), describing Ariana, Strabo mentions Khaarene as being situated somewhere about the part of the country bordering upon India, and adds that " this, of all the places subject to the Parthians lies nearest to India " ; and that " Kraterus traversed and subjugated this part of the country on his march from India to Karmania." The Khaarene here mentioned is the present Kharan of Balochistan. The Arsakes above mentioned as founder of the dynasty of the Arsakides, which overthrew the Roman power in Asia, and endured under a succession of thirty-one kings for 481 years — from 236 B.C. to 245 A.D. — belonged most probably to the tribe which is now represented by the Arsaki or Harzagi, division of the Turkoman of Marv ; the latter, a people which Klaproth has recognised as Koman or Kuman, Turk from the steppe north of the Caspian Sea.

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