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Location of Khed in Barmer district

Khed (खेड़) (Kher) is an ancient village in Pachpadra Tahsil of Barmer district in Rajasthan. It finds mention as Khetaka (खेटक) in Towns and Villages of Chauhan Dominions[1].


  • Kheda खेड़ = Kshirapura क्षीरपुर (AS, p.258)
  • Khetaka (खेटक)
  • Kshirapura (क्षीरपुर) = खेड़ (जिला जोधपुर, राज) (AS, p.250)


It is located between Balotra and Tilwara. Pincode of the village is 344022. It is situated 8km away from Pachpadra town and 92km away from Barmer city. Khed village has got its own gram panchayat. Mandapura, Temawas and Shobhawas are some of the nearby villages.


Kalirana Jats

Jat Gotras


According to Census-2011 information:

With total 223 families residing, Khed village has the population of 1163 (of which 597 are males while 566 are females).[2]


A king of Kalirana gotra was the ruler near Mathura, on the banks of Yamuna River. The ancient fort of Kaliramna is in ruins near Mathura. His fort was known as fort of Kalidheh. The famous episode of Mahabharata regarding Lord Krishna’s killing of a black python, Kaliya (कालिया), is related with some bad ruler from this gotra. With the killing of Kaliya Naga, Krishna brought the end of this clan’s rule in Brij. Dilip Singh Ahlawat has mention it as one of the ruling Jat clans in Central Asia. [3]

From Mathura they went to Kabul-Ghazni with other other Jats - Yadavas. They founded the Kingdom of Garh - Ghazni. During rise of Islam they came back to Bhatner- Sirsa. According to their bards, they founded the old village of Patan and Siswad (?Shishwala Bhiwani). From Patan Chaudhary Sishu came to Sisai. His brother Sunda founded village Sandwa and Salaywala.

Kaliranas came from Siswad to Marwar and founded village Jhanwar. Jhanwar Village was founded by Chaudhari Malji Kalirana about 800 years back. The Kalirana Jats of this village are known for justice. Its ancient name was Jhamara (झामरा) or Jhramvera (झ्रम्वेर) as in Jhramvera inscription (V. 1227) of Kelhana. Jhamwera (झम्वेर) inscription of Alhana. (JPASB, xii, pp. 102 ff). It gets name from Chanwar, the twig of Khejri tree.

The famous villages from Kalirana Khap are Lilon (लिलोन), Khedi (खेड़ी), Sambhalka (सम्भालका), Banat (बनत) and Hakimpur (हकीमपुर). [4]

Kotli (कोटली), Bhinwar (भींवर), villages in Sialkot and Chandovdala (चन्दोवडाला) at Manjha in Punjab were founded by Jats of this clan. Jhanwar (झवर) village was founded by Malji Kalirana clan about 800 years back. They people had settled in Siswada near Delhi and Hisar. Kalu came to Marwar and founded villages Mungda (मूंगड़ा), Kheda (खेड़ा), Mogda (मोगड़ा) etc. From there they came to Jhanwar. [5]

According to the local tradition of these people, their ancestors had migrated from Garh Ghazni, through darra Bolan and Pakpattan in Punjab to Sirsa. From Sirsa, they spread to various places about 1300 years back. [6]


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[7] ने लेख किया है ...क्षीरपुर = खेड़ (जिला जोधपुर, राज) (AS, p.250) : लूनी नदी के तट पर बालोतरा से 5 मील दूर प्राचीनकाल का प्रसिद्ध तीर्थ. यहां के विस्तृत खण्डहरों तथा नष्ट भरष्ट मूर्तियों तथा अन्य अवशेषों से प्रमाणित होता है कि इस स्थान पर पहले एक बड़ा नगर बसा हुआ था. परवर्ती काल के कई मंदिर यहां आज भी हैं.

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