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Kheri Asra (खेड़ी आसरा), also spoken छारा वाली खेड़ी, is a small Villlage in Jhajjar tahsil and district of Haryana.


It is surrounded by Surakhpur, Chhara and Bhadani villages. It is on an approach road on Jhajjar Bahadurgarh Road, just after crossing Govt. College (Nehru College).



This village is famous for its Arya Samaj functions.They have got every year many Arya Samaj functions/Arya Samaj Mahila sammelan. Sastri Ramdev G has devoted much of his time to drive Arya Samaj functions /Activities into the village oftenly along with sevaral others motivators .

This village's volleyball girls team is very famous and village's girls are regular in representing Haryana state at national level in junior volleyball events.

This village has a small memorial park in the memory of Shaheed Lt. Ravinder Chhikara "Kirti Chakra" with small museum in it. Every year, on 19 July, a function in memory of Ravinder Chhikara is organised there by Arya Samaj.

Jat Gotras

It is mainly inhabited by Chhikara Gotra Jats.


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