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Chaudhary Priya Vart (चौधरी प्रियव्रत) belonged to Kheri Asra (खेड़ी आसरा) village (Chhikara gotra) near Chhara village of Jhajjar district in Haryana. His father, Ch. Lakhi Ram Chhikara passed away when Ch. Priya Vart was just 15. At that young age, Ch. Priya Vart took on the responsibility of sustaining and expanding the family business of Brick Manufacturing in North and East India. His son, Ch. Rajinder Singh, designed and developed machinery for manufacturing bricks made of Indian clay, leading to the founding of the first successful automated brick manufacturing plant in India .

Ch. Priya Vart was a keen promoter of education in rural areas and a few of the institutes he championed were Sir Chhotu Ram Rural Institute of Technology (CRRIT), Maharaja Suraj Mal Institute and Gurukul Jhajjar.

One of his unique qualities was to inspire people. Having left school in Class 9, he had no formal education in the English language. However, he knew that to communicate with people from different areas, knowledge of English was essential. So, he taught himself English by reading the book 'Laws of Success' by Napoleon Hill, 10 times, with the help of a dictionary. He was so impressed by the life advice the book contained that he advised other peoples to read it.

A few of the proverbs he believed:

  • Time and tide wait for none.
  • Time is life. To waste the time is to waste the life itself. It is irreplaceable and unrecoverable.
  • An empty mind is the devil's workshop.
  • What the mind can conceive and believe, it can also achieve.


Chaudhary Priya Vart passed away in 2007.

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