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Author: Laxman Burdak IFS (R)

Kimsulakagiri (किंसुलका गिरि) is a mountain mentioned by Panini.



Mention by Panini

Kimsulakagiri (किंशुलकागिरी) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [2]

Kiṁsulakā-giri (किंसुलका गिरि) is name of a Mountain mentioned by Panini. [3]


V S Agarwal[4] mentions....[p.39]: These six names (of mountains) seem to be taken from some Bhuvanakosha list, giving in order the ranges on the western frontiers from Afghanistan to Baluchistan. Starting from below, Shalvakagiri is phonetically the name of [p.40]: Hala Range lying north-south between Sind and Baluchistan. To the west of it is the Makran chain of hills the home of the Hingula River and Hingulaja goddess, Hingula seems to be the Prakrit form of Kimsulaka. It was also called by its synonymous name, the Parada country, Pardene of classical writers, corresponding to Pardayana of Patanjali (IV.2.99). Goddess Hihgula of this place is of vermilion colour, also called Dadhiparni, because of its association with the ancient Scythian tribes of Dahae and Parnians. It was worshipped also as Nani, or Nana of antiquity.

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