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Kunjar (कुंजर)[1] is a gotra of Jats.[2]


This gotra started after Naga named Kunjara (कुंजर). [3]


Ramayana mentions about a Kunjar Parvat. Ramayana Kishkindha Kand Sarg 41 mentions about the directions to southward search party prepared by Sugriva under the leadership of Angad, in which several important Vanar were included - Neel, Hanuman, Jamvanta, Suhotra, Shararita, Shargulma, Gaja, Gavaksha etc. and told them about the impassable countries and difficult path and said ....

Next you will see Kunjar Parvat. Here Vishwakarmaa built a place for Agastya Muni. This place is one Yojan wide and 10 Yojan high. Here there is Bhogvati city where snakes live, that is why it is impossible for human beings to go there. Here lives the king of snakes - Vasuki Naga. Many terrific snakes guard him. This place is studded in numerous gem stones. Go in this place very carefully and search for Seetaa. This has been mentioned in shlokas 34 to 38 as under:
मधूनि पीत्वा जुष्टानि परम् गच्छत वानराः
तत्र नेत्र मनः कांतः कुंजरो नाम पर्वतः ॥४-४१-३४॥
अगस्त्य भवनम् यत्र निर्मितम् विश्वकर्मणा ।
तत्र योजन विस्तारम् उच्छ्रितम् दश योजनम् ॥४-४१-३५॥
शरणम् कांचनम् दिव्यम् नाना रत्न विभूषितम् ।
तत्र भोगवती नाम सर्पाणाम् आलयः पुरी ॥४-४१-३६॥

विशाल रथ्या दुर्धर्षा सर्वतः परिरक्षिता ।
रक्षिता पन्नगैः घोरैः तीष्क्ण दम्ष्ट्रैः महा विषैः ॥४-४१-३७॥

सर्प राजो महाघोरो यस्याम् वसति वासुकिः
निर्याय मार्गितव्या च सा च भोगवती पुरी ॥४-४१-३८॥

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Gurdaspur district

Kunjar named village is in Gurdaspur tahsil of Gurdaspur district in Punjab, India.

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